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43 O'Day St N


Sold to one of Adam's good friends from Eau Claire. We were able to get them under contract in a great neighborhood with all closing costs paid by seller! Sometimes timing is everything, these buyers are glad they waited until fall to purchase.


1196 Parkwood Drive


These buy

outside of house

300 Dogwood Street


Priced to sell! A unique property with tons of personality, carefully maintained and situated in a desirable area. Enjoy custom features and a lively neighborhood. Contact me and make 300 Dogwood Street yours today.

Large Modern House with Pool

100 Elm Street


100 Elm Street is newly remodeled to perfection, all you need to do is decide where to put your desk. Interested in purchasing this property? Contact me and make this beautiful property yours today.

GetMedia (6).jpeg

3246 Hayes St NE


Finally, a cooling market for buyers! This single family rental was picked up by an investor who has purchased many homes with us, we couldn't be happier with the purchase price. Another plus is the value-add opportunity in the basement.

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84 Logan Ave W


Clean duplex in a quiet west side neighborhood. Our out-of-state buyer will take over the existing leases and enjoy cashflow from day one.

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609 Pierce St NE


This property built in 1966 is practically new compared to most Northeast househacks. Our client will finish the basement bedrooms to increase cashflow.

GetMedia (3).jpeg

11022 Oak Knoll Terrace


Househacking isn't for everyone. This buyer started with us looking at duplexes in the western suburbs. After a few months of analysis and indecision they realized that a single family home would better suit their first investment. We found them an undervalued starter home in a fantastic location with value-add opportunities.  

download (5).jpeg

4046 Highland


Single family listings with ADUs are often overlooked. This property not only has a bonus rental home in the back, but a basement suite with a private entrance. Our househacking clients will make some updates and cover their mortgage with rent.

download (6).jpeg

747 Bayard


One of Adam's rental properties. Purchased for $220k 3 years ago, he made no updates but enjoyed some nice appreciation.

smith pic .jpeg

736 Smith Ave S


A true BRRRR on the MLS! This one was listed very low compared to comps, we thought it might be a mistake or major project. Although it needs plenty of work, it appraised for 300k before any repairs were done. Our buyer is looking forward to a refinance this winter and going shopping again.


680 Ottawa


Beautiful duplex listing in Cherokee Park. This seller took advantage of our variable rate commission and only paid 3% in Realtor fees!

van buren duplex .jpeg

323 Van Buren Ave N


Side by side duplex in Hopkins. Great location, plenty of upside. Sold to a first time househacker who will occupy the place and fix it up.

gratzer duplex.jpeg

14917 31st Ave N


Nice duplex in Plymouth. Sold to a buy-and-hold investor. Unfinished split basements, lots of potential. The new owner will add basement bedrooms and dens to increase value.


707 Orange Ave


Great value in East St. Paul. Sold to a househacker who will occupy the upper unit and live for free! 6 bedrooms for under 300k, a rare find.

minnehaha duplex.jpg

517 Minnehaha Ave


Giant duplex on Dayton's Bluff. Big, beautiful units with original woodwork and lots of charm. Great cashflow from day one. Sold to an out-of-state investor.


1734 Bush Ave


Single-family investment. Sold to a younger couple who will fix the place up for tenants this spring. We were able to negotiate on behalf of the buyer and get ALL NEW WINDOWS! Great value on a nice block.

widder duplex.jpg

266 King St W


Beautiful turn-key duplex. Buyers were looking for their second househack, we sold them a triplex last year. This time they didn't want a big project, so we found them a move-in-ready home.

randolph duplex.jpeg

1164 Randolph


Location, location, location. Surrounded by private colleges, easy freeway access, Trader Joe's down the street. Sold to a buyer in CA, we supervised video inspections and contractor bids. Buyer will add basement bedrooms to build instant equity.


1035 Victoria St N


First time househacker purchase. Centrally located in St. Paul, up-and-coming neighborhood. We negotiated a brand-new furnace for our buyer and helped him work with contractors to add a second bedroom to the main floor unit.


592 Ottawa


We love Cherokee Park! Awesome location in St. Paul, sold to a househacking couple. Great craftsman woodwork, formal dining rooms, and plenty of value-add opportunity. Excited to see what they do with the place!

lowry duplex .jpg

824 Lowry Ave NE


Solid duplex in highly-popular NE Minneapolis. Sold to a local buy-and-hold investor, building his portfolio in the neighborhood. Spacious two-bedroom units, easy to rent.

dylan duplex.jpg

1658 Bayard Ave


Great duplex in historic Mac-Groveland, surrounded by beautiful single-family homes. Sold to one of Adam's best friends, he'll occupy the 4 bedroom unit with 3 roommates. After renting the upper unit and garage he's living for free with some extra cashflow for repairs.

dat duplex.jpeg

800 37th Ave NE


Massive 6 bedroom duplex in NE. We were able to get closing costs covered for our buyer after inspection. This deal was probably the best value-buy of 2020 for a househacker, we think the sellers could have sold for 400k with some patience.

hurley duplex.jpeg

235 Hurley St E


We love our regular clients! Third sale for these folks this year, a live-in flip. This is the big cosmetic project that most newer investors look for. Hoping to pull of a BRRRR with a full cash-out next year.

dayton tri.jpeg

607 Dayton Ave


Househack triplex for the man himself, Adam Tafel. With a baby on the way the family needed more room, why not move down the street to a beautiful investment property?


2218 Bryant Ave S


Single-family listing in Uptown. The place had been neglected by tenants over the years, but after a fresh coat of paint and refinishing the floors it was ready for staging. 12 offers over the weekend, sold to the highest bidder.

garfield .jpeg

4401 Garfield


Pristine side by side in one of Minneapolis's most desirable locations. This property had been well-card for by owner-occupants for years. Our buyers will add basement bedrooms to make room for their family and increase future cashflow.


9652 Grand Ave S


Suburban listing in Bloomington, MN. Our seller did a great job with this rehab and it paid off after a bidding war. We found him another project shortly after it closed, on to the next!


416 Stryker


Another rental property owned by a team member. We sold this one off-market to one of our favorite clients, saving the owner Realtor commissions and helping the buyer avoid another bidding war. A true win-win!

GetMedia (1).jpeg

4912 17th Ave S


Traditional single-family purchase. Our clients wanted the opportunity to build out a mother-in-law suite in the basement, this South Minneapolis gem was the perfect fit

GetMedia (2).jpeg

71 Wyoming St E


Our Texas buyer will run an Airbnb out of this charming west-side home. Turn-key and ready for tenants, we were able to get the deal done within his 1031 deadline. 

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